Our outstanding team is comprised of a select group of extremely talented and creative individuals who take a team approach to creating innovative, user-friendly industry intelligence solutions and strive to exceed the expectations of each and every client. To date, members of the The ABIS Group team have played instrumental roles in the development of innovative online information and software solutions that have received more than 200 awards and honors and thousands of rave reviews from customers for their ease of use and innovative features.

Team members have a wealth of relevant industry experience, education and interests, as well as a demonstrated track record of success. They have graduated from the top business schools and journalism, information science, engineering and computer science programs. The majority of our team members also received a very strong liberal arts education. All are intellectually curious and most have gained a broad global perspective through their work experience and travels. Prior to joining The ABIS Group, many excelled while working for leading global corporations, technology firms, consulting groups and media companies.