As the pace and intensity of global competition increase, easy access to relevant and timely industry intelligence becomes vital to the success of an organization.

Companies that increase their organizational intelligence, improve communication and foster knowledge-sharing enable their knowledge workers to make informed and timely decisions and respond to market threats and opportunities. When these workers are provided with easy access to highly relevant and useful industry intelligence, decision-making is enhanced, productivity increases and the competitive position of the company is strengthened.

In the information age, industry intelligence solutions should provide a single point of online access to high-quality, relevant and timely industry information. They should also be extremely easy to use, affordable and simple to deploy enterprisewide.

The most useful solutions will be carefully customized, handcrafted and human-filtered by a new breed of information service partners who understand your industry and your company's unique information needs.

Envision a new set of world-class industry intelligence solutions that harness the power of the internet.

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