Issues to Consider

When do traditional information sources become "information commodities"?

About the time thousands of companies have access to the very same information at the very same time. When they are not tailored to the needs of a particular company. When they cease to provide an organization with a meaningful intelligence edge.

If it isn't relevant, is it useful intelligence?

The more focused an intelligence solution is on your industry and your needs, the more value you are likely to derive. Unfortunately, many information vendors require companies to purchase access to giant, unwieldy databases when what they really want is focused, relevant and timely industry intelligence.

How important is ease of use?

When it comes to accessing important, relevant and timely industry intelligence, ease of use is a must. If it's not user-friendly, it won't be used. Since few people enjoy searching and even fewer have information science degrees, the less searching required the better. End users want to simply "point and click" to access what they need.

When does a customized solution make sense?

When you feel that "one size" no longer fits your needs and what you seek is an intelligence edge. A customized intelligence solution focused on your company's unique information needs has the greatest potential to provide your knowledge workers with the most meaningful edge.

When should an intelligence solution be deployed enterprisewide?

When it's time to boost your organization's intelligence, improve communication and leverage your intranet investment. To do this, the solution must be very focused, extremely easy to use and affordable. As a result, productivity increases; communication improves; decision-making is enhanced; ROI heads off the chart; and the potential of the company, its team members and the corporate intranet is more fully realized.

What do you need to know today?

As your industry intelligence partner, The ABIS Group will provide you with innovative customized solutions that quickly and affordably deliver what you need. With The ABIS Group, the intelligence edge you seek is now available. Let us show you how to get it. And keep it.