Our mission is to make a difference in the world by providing innovative customized, externally focused information solutions and outstanding service to leading companies and organizations who are working in industries and areas where the potential to create substantial and meaningful societal benefits is very high.

What we do

The ABIS Group provides its customized, best-of-class online industry intelligence solutions to numerous leading Global 500 companies and some of the most well-respected service providers in the world. These solutions are carefully designed to deliver unparalleled, easy online access to highly relevant, timely and useful industry intelligence tailored to the needs of our clients. In short, we provide our clients with a unique and meaningful intelligence edge.

We are open to new ideas; we like to experiment, to innovate and ultimately to make a difference for our clients and the world in which we live. We don't advertise, issue press releases, exhibit at trade shows or similar. We simply focus on doing great work ("knocking the socks" off our clients in ABIS speak) for each and every client — always.

We are also very selective in taking on new clients and projects.

Why The ABIS Group?

Innovative, best-of-class, unique, customized solutions that provide our clients with a meaningful intelligence edge ... combined with an extraordinary team focus on exceeding the expectations of each and every client ... and solutions that deliver outstanding value.

By the Numbers


Our clients


Number of times we have missed a client project deadline


Client end-users who would recommend our solutions to colleagues (based on client surveys)


Unsolicited rave end-user reviews

$3 Trillion

Clients' combined market cap


Clients who are among the most highly regarded companies and organizations in the world (Forbes, Fortune, etc.)


We are headquartered at the Evanston/Northwestern University Research Park in Evanston, Illinois, U.S., just outside of Chicago. For more information, please contact us.