Who They Are

The ABIS Group has been privileged to work with many of the most well-respected and innovative companies in the world, including numerous Global 500 companies. We have also had the good fortune to work with exceptional teams of individuals at these organizations.

Common Denominators

Our clients represent many of the best of the best and are working hard to make a difference in areas that provide meaningful societal benefits. In the aggregate, they have a market capitalization of approximately $3 trillion.

A common link among our clients is their desire to improve their competitive position by enhancing their ability to provide knowledge workers with easy, intuitive access to high-quality, relevant and timely industry intelligence. Many are considered "first-movers" and are well-known for the importance they place on innovation. All have a keen appreciation for benefits associated with improved customer and global industry awareness, knowledge-sharing and decision-making across the organization. In addition, they tend to compete in industries where the stakes are extremely high and a substantial value is placed on gaining an intelligence edge — each and every day.

By the Numbers


Client end-users who would recommend our solutions to colleagues (based on client surveys)


Clients who are among the most highly-regarded companies and organizations in the world (Forbes, Fortune, etc.)

$3 Trillion

Clients' combined market cap


Unsolicited rave end-user reviews

Our Appreciation

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to support our clients' efforts to meaningfully improve their organizational intelligence and their ability to monitor the external environment in which they compete.

We are especially grateful to have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of extremely talented and pleasant individuals at our client organizations who appreciate the value of thinking outside the box and the importance of providing their colleagues with a meaningful intelligence edge.

We are also grateful for the passion and enthusiasm our clients have for our solutions and our team.